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Gateway Transportation Investments
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Policy, Taxation & Regulatory Framework
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Policy, Taxation & Regulatory Framework

A comprehensive action program is necessary to redress the competitive imbalance in capital recovery costs and local taxation between the Gateway and its US competitors.

Local Taxation

Ensure municipal taxation levels are competitive and predictable.

Establish Region-wide approaches to industrial water front land valuation for port terminals based on port land rent. The Province of British Columbia acted on this recommendation on a trial basis to 2008. It is essential that this become a permanent principle.

Establish clear linkages between municipal economic benefits and Gateway operations in municipal tax and land use policies.

Profit Insensitive Taxation

Conduct a comprehensive review of profit insensitive taxes on transportation and reduce their impacts on Gateway competitiveness.

Tax Exempt Bond Financing

Define and implement a tax exempt bond financing mechanism for Gateway infrastructure on the basis of national strategic priorities that creates no precedent for broader application.

Capital Cost Allowance

Change rules for railways and trucking companies in Canada to provide parity with the US.

Fees for Government Services

Improvements in government services and fees to more closely match user requirements and cost structures.