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About the Council

The Greater Vancouver Gateway Council was formed in 1994 to pursue a vision for Greater Vancouver as the Gateway of Choice for North America, able to capitalize on opportunities from expanding world trade and tourism. The Gateway Council comprises senior executives from industry, government and academia.

EXECUTIVE MEMBERS as of March 2014

Mr. Craig Richmond
President and CEO
Vancouver International Airport Authority

Past Chair
Mr. Robin Silvester
President and CEO
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Vice Chair
Mr. Brad Eshleman
BC Marine Terminal Operators Association

Mrs. Louise Yako
President and CEO
BC Trucking Association

VOTING MEMBERS as of May 2014

Mr. Andy Smith
President and CEO
BC Maritime Employers Association

Ms. Nancy Read
Canadian Pacific Railway

Mr. Travis Thowe
Director Franchise Development
Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co.

Mr. Brad Bodner
Director – Network Strategies
Canadian National Railway

Ms. Cathy McLay

Mr. Frank Butzelaar
President and CEO
Southern Railway of British Columbia

Mr. David Gillen
Centre for Transportation, Sauder School of business
University of British Columbia

Mr. Gerry Dickie
Cargill Vancouver
Terminal Operators Association

Mr. Norman Stark
Senior Advisor
Shipping Federation of Canada

RESOURCE MEMBERS as of March 2014

Mr. Stewart Beck
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Mr. Jock Finlayson
Executive Vice President Policy
Business Council of British Columbia

Mr. Craig Jones
Greater Vancouver Chambers’ (of Commerce) Transportation Advisory Panel

Ms. Carol Mason
Metro Vancouver

Mrs. Sara Wong
Multi modal Transportation Policy, Government of Alberta

Mr. Grant Main
Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transportation
Province of British Columbia

Mr. Robert Dick
Regional Director General
Transport Canada - Pacific Region

Mr. Gerry Salembier
Assistant Deputy Minister
Western Economic Diversification Canada

Ms. Oksana Exell